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Juan Humberto

Good day and welcome to my Webpage.

Firstly, I'd like to offer a brief insight into my nature. By temperament, I am reserved and deeply value privacy. My inclination has always been towards discretion rather than display. However, having authored two books on human development and decision-making, aimed at enhancing the quality of our lives, my publisher, Wiley Blackwell, along with my associates, believe it's essential for readers to have a means to connect with and understand the author behind the words.

It's worth noting that I maintain a minimal digital footprint. I do have a presence on LinkedIn, primarily at the insistence of my publisher.

Given the nature of my work, which often delves into the personal realms of individuals, I find it only fair to present myself with transparency. This is so you, as a reader or potential collaborator, can assess my credibility and decide if I'm worthy of your trust and attention.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find value in the content shared.

About Jhy

About Juan

Welcome to my digital space

We share common ground if you're on a continuous journey of personal growth and skillful life navigation. As a seasoned businessperson, author, and academic, I'm committed to understanding the human condition, always seeking avenues for personal development, both for others and myself. My activities, from business to writing and teaching, center on empowering individuals toward lasting fulfillment. Visit my site to learn more about my ventures, studies, and literary contributions.




  • Designing methods, programs, and protocols to foster natural intelligence
  • Teaching and tutoring organizations and individuals to improve decision-making skills
  • Scaling and advancing Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT)
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  • Managing a private investment fund
  • Pursuing environmentally friendly micro-agribusiness projects
  • Expanding the agribusiness operation to include micro-industrialization processes for coffee and vegetables
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New Activities

New Activities

  • Scaling the MBSAT protocol worldwide and developing mobile applications of MBSAT
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Get the complete guidelines for MBSAT instructors in the MBSAT Manual (Wiley 2017)

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