MBSAT is spreading to Asia: Events in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Shangai and intensive work in Singapure

MBSAT is spreading to Asia

The audience in all three cities was extremely keen on knowing more about mindfulness and strategic awareness in the workplace or as I call it MBSAT, Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training.  One person flew across India to attend the master class in Mumbai and some participants keep in contact with me.


Master Class in Mumbai


Singapore is the city where I have worked most intensively in South-East Asia.  In August 2017 the entrepreneur Stanley Ng invited me to give a workshop on MBSAT for him and his friends.

Already then I noticed the vivid echo that MBSAT as a secular and modern adaptation of ancient mindfulness techniques evokes in Asia.  It was a great experience. 


MBSAT is spreading to Asia
MBSAT is spreading to Asia: Entrepreneur Stanley Ng and friends in Singapore


This March 2018 I was invited by Jochen Reb, Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources, Singapore Management University – SMU and Director of SMU’s Mindfulness Initiative, to give an introduction to MBSAT.Amongst other I held an intensive two-days workshop at SMU with a group of professionals from the consulting, coaching and academic field. It was a hugely stimulating and rewarding because of the high-level responses. We shared personal and professional experiences and insights.
Here we are meditating together on the role of friendliness in business.


MBSAT is spreading to Asia
Our main focus was the MBSAT signature practice “CEO of BETA”, the integrative approach that aligns B-Body Sensations, E-Emotions, T-Thoughts and A-Action impulses.


The CEO of BETA is the MBSAT three step signature practice that is adaptable to many situations and needs. The first step consists in becoming aware of your body sensations, emotions, thoughts and action impulses, in other words catching your BETA. The second step consists in evening out your BETA by engaging your breath and in the third and last step you open your BETA and get ready for the situation ahead with fresh energy and strategic awareness.


MBSAT is spreading to Asia



There were interesting exchanges and experiences shared.


MBSAT is spreading to Asia


And there was hearty laughter as well.



I received lovely testimonials after the workshop such as this one uploaded on LinkedIn:


Feeling extremely privileged to have spent the last two days studying at Singapore Management University with one of the most inspiring, compassionate people I’ve ever met, Prof Juan Humberto Young. With 5 masters degrees (including from Oxford Uni and Harvard) Prof Young is one of the pioneers in integrating Mindfulness and Positive Psychology to areas of management and leadership. What a man, what a group and what a journey this will be!



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