Juan Humberto Young and the MBSAT 8-week program

Based on what I call “mindful-positive training”, I set out to create a detailed eight-week program in Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT). This is a tool that helps participants “rewire” their brains for consistently improved results at the individual, team and organizational level.

This is a new form of strengths-based mindfulness training for business and personal life that enhances participants’ ability to perceive opportunities, adapt and grow. While mindfulness training is increasingly used in organizational contexts, my method is unique in design and presentation as it applies mindfulness and positive psychology to the strategic challenges of management, business and personal life.

MBSAT is a course that synthesizes the sciences of Mindfulness and Positive Psychology—its main foundations— and integrates Behavioral Finance, System Dynamics, the economics and behavioral aspects of Strategy, Neuroscience and Cognitive Therapy.

The result is a practical 8-week experiential learning program through which you will develop Strategic Awareness (SA)— the prospective ability to perceive, create, and capitalize on business and personal opportunities that enhance your potential. With increased SA you become a better decision maker with the ability to cut through the confusion of today’s complex environment to clearly become aware of what generates authentic well-being for you, thus reducing the level of dissatisfaction and unhappiness and subsequently helping you lead a more fulfilling professional and personal life.

MBSAT Mindfulness components

MBSAT is comprised of three interconnected mindfulness components that are introduced during the eight (8) week program, briefly described below.

Focused Mindfulness - FM

The purpose of mindfulness practices in the initial phase is to assist you in achieving a calmer mind. Today more than ever, people’s lives are saturated with non-stop mind chatter about what is happening, what is going to happen or already has happened. Becoming more mindful and learning to focus attention on the present is fundamental as it calms the agitation of the mind and reduces incidences of distractions and mind wandering. This is the first requirement for any serious personal growth or transformation project as change isn’t possible in a state of agitation and compulsion.

Analytical Mindfulness - AM

With specific practices you will begin to develop the capacity to discern and inquire, which allows you observing reality through practical wisdom. You also begin to explore new and more skillful ways of sensing, feeling, thinking and acting— in other words, regulating your βETA (Body Sensations, Emotions, Thoughts, and Actions), as we say in MBSAT. AM allows you to gain a conscious, analytical understanding of how your own views and behavioral patterns contribute to, and shape, your life. With this understanding, you can apply mindful reasoning to create skillful options that are more likely to bring you high levels of subjective well-being, thus transforming your life for the better.

Relational Mindfulness - RM

Life takes place in social contexts: family, friends, colleagues, and society in general. Consequently, the quality of human experience to a large extent is related to the quality of relations within their social context. RM helps you cultivate a sense of benevolence and friendly acceptance towards oneself and others. It assists you in becoming more keenly aware of others and being gentler with yourself by tapping into your emotional capital.

MBSAT is offered in 3 venues


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Main Benefits of MBSAT

  • Manage your βETA (Body Sensations, Emotions, Thoughts and Actions) more efficiently and effectively by reducing impulsive, counterproductive reactions.
  • Reduce stress levels and better manage stressful situations.
  • Reduce the risks of burnout and other afflictions prevalent in today’s environment.
  • Cultivate more gentleness and empathy towards yourself and others, thus improving your relationships.
  • Fully understand what is essential for the quality of your inner life.
  • Leverage risk and adversity to discover new possibilities that lead to better choices and decisions or as we say in MBSAT, Mindful Real Options (MROs).
  • Live a more fulfilling life in general.
The core skill you hone with MBSAT is Strategic Awareness or SA, which allows you to take mindful, positive and wise decisions in different aspects of your life. This enables you to gently and naturally increase the levels of constructive performance both in your professional and private lives.
  • Many thanks for this exceptional experience! I’m sure I’m having now a toolbox for many situations in my life and will increase my subjective wellbeing.
    - S.WFinance Manager at a Private Equity firm
  • Dear Juan, thanks for opening my eyes to the importance of living in the moment. “Mami, you are much more relaxed/less stressed after you started this course.” What a great gift you have given me and my family. With sincere appreciation.
    - E.Z.CEO of a Swiss medium size firm with a Harvard MBA
  • I wished the course would now start from the beginning again so I could have this amazing life changing experience once more. I will never forget what you taught me. Thank you so much. With most grateful regards
    - E.B.Chief Marketing Officer of a High Tech company in Zurich
  • Dear Juan, You’ve rubbed the gears of my brain! This was the only expectation that I had which was met by MBSAT – everything else was so far beyond what I even could have imagined – it’s been a total eye-opener for me. I am very appreciative for everything you taught me. Thank you so much! I hope we’ll keep staying in contact and looking forward to it!
    - E.L.Mechanical Engineer and Head of department at a Swiss Cantonal office

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