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Author(s): Juan Humberto Young
First published: 5 May 2023
Print ISBN: 9781119766971
Online ISBN: 9781119767398
DOI: 10.1002/9781119767398
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The MBSAT Workbook (Wiley 2023)

The workbook satisfies a need that many MBSAT teachers and course participants voiced persistently: It offers the eight-session MBSAT program in a format that facilitates step-by-step practicing and learning.

This comprehensive book has a thorough background of the protocol’s underlying science and aligns the training program with the latest neuroscience findings. The scientific foundations form Part I of the workbook. Part II of the workbook contains the actual training in eight sessions.

The book integrates several disciplines: Neuroscience, Applied Positive Psychology, Behavioral Finance, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, and System Dynamics as well as other valuable topics. The same fields build the foundation of the MBSAT Manual (Wiley 2017). The two books complement each other but can be used individually.

Because of its coherent neuroscientific orientation, the workbook relies on shorter practices than the Manual that includes longer sitting meditations. The workbook also places special weight on practicing in daily life and shaping our lives based on the neuroscientific view of the human brain as a predictive organ

These subtle differences reflect the author's learning journey in the six years between the two publications, from the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy training at Oxford University to new studies in brain function.


The impulse to write the first MBSAT book stemmed from my teaching activities, particularly my work as Academic Director of the Executive Master Program called Positive Leadership and Strategy, a program I designed and led for nine years at a reputable European University. The interaction with the students and my professional experience led me to conclude that thriving in today’s environment requires mind training and character-building more than ever.

This is the case for all active individuals, whether they have leadership responsibilities or pursue personal development. It is also true for successful, non-clinical people seeking to improve their lives but not needing therapy. Therefore, the book is addressed to a non-clinical audience motivated to grow personally.

In writing the book, I drew from the multiple disciplines I had studied, which have proven valuable in my life. Thus, the book integrates classical Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, System Dynamics, Behavioral Economics, Management, and elements from other areas.

Even though the manual is of great help to all MBSAT course participants, it is mainly geared toward instructors because it offers a lot of teaching material, such as an entire section of teaching notes and handouts, detailed time plans for organizing sessions, and pre-course and feedback forms. This is why this book is referred to as a manual.

Author(s):Juan Humberto Young
First published:30 September 2016
Print ISBN: 9781118937976
Online ISBN: 9781118938003
DOI: 10.1002/9781118938003
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